The War for Attention

The World has become a confusing place. Technology was meant to make our lives easier and yet it seems like it has made it more complicated. There is a War going on – The War for Attention.


And Humankind is losing it. Badly. Willingly.


We are constantly being bombarded with visual and auditory signals from all manner of electronic devices either passively or actively: huge billboards, televisions, computers, laptops and the all mighty Phone.


Thousands of distractions are constantly sapping our Mental Energy until there is none left and we realize, to our horror, that the day has ended without the work being done.


People’s lives have become a mess; MY life was a mess – a jumbled black ooze where I tried to finish my projects at home whilst duties which should have been done at home were trying to be squeezed between working hours.


How did it come to this?


Because I constantly caught myself staring at stupid, vapid, shallow pictures on my Phone instead of doing the task set before me.


My priorities were not set straight.


Instead of focusing my Mental Energy into a devastating laser which mows down anything and everything on my path it was scattered to such an extent that it barely allowed me to survive on a day to day basis.


Time and Focus are Man’s greatest gifts which we have forgotten to use.




Is technology truly to blame?


I disagree.


Technology is but a tool. Turn off and lay down your phone on a table and it will not turn on by itself (or it will, who knows). It will rest there, without moving an inch until Father Time decides to turn it to dust from what it was made.


All of technology is a Manmade tool – from computers, PDA’s, televisions and etc. and it is up to us, and only us, who determine if it will be used for either good or bad.


Shall it be for the betterment of our lives or to our detriment?


It is a choice each and every one has to make.


It is a choice you have to make and make it right now.


Yes, you have read that correctly.


Right now.




For it will do you no good to procrastinate in making a decision.




Because I already know what kind decision you had decided to make before you’ve even done it.




Because you are reading my site and those who are reading my site are such who’ve decided to implement Tonny Robbins famous CANI principle – Constant and Never-ending Improvement.


Which I’ve decided to switch around a bit to make it catchier.


Instead of CANI we say: I, CAN!


Improvement Constant and Never-ending!


This is our motto.


This is the motto which will help us win this war waged upon us from thousands of murky entities who do not wish us to think and act for ourselves.


Is technology to blame for the conundrum of the people today?




Are you?




To what extent can I blame you when these stimuli are forced upon you day after day without you giving them your permission?


But now that we’ve become sentient of the situation we are in I can blame you to the fullest extent if you will not, to the best of your abilities, wage your own Battle within this War for Attention and reclaim your territory.


For this is your territory.


Your most precious territory.


For what you pay attention to defines you.


For what you pay attention influences what you think.


And what you think about defines you.


Attention is influence as Mike Cernovich says.


Will you pay attention to the graces within our beautiful world?


Or to its most horrid of vices?


The choice is yours.


But I believe in you, dear reader, that you will make the right choice, which necessary might not have been the one I would make – but shall allow you to attain peace of spirit on a battlefield within a War that will never cease to wage.


The World is against you, dear Reader.


The World is against us, dear Reader.

But with our strengths combined… what can the World truly do?

A Man Needs Danger and Play

A Man needs many things life but if two are to stand out those are Danger and Play.


Dear readers, it has been a long time since you’ve last heard of me.


My schedule has been, to put it mildly, Hell.


Being an intern within the healthcare industry and also studying for multiple brutal exams at the same time drained all of my energy. Besides that I also did not neglect my gym schedule or my reading list.


I will have to make a confession and say that there were numerous times when I’ve wanted to give up.


I’d be up at 5 AM to make it to the Gym quick enough in order to get the workout in because I knew that when I came home from work that I would not have neither the energy or motivation to do it then.


I’d come home, kiss my girlfriend, make a homemade smoothie and run to the library to study. Between study breaks I would read books from Scott Adams’s Persuasion Reading list (which I heartily recommend everyone to do, if you wish to gain a better understanding about the World around you (I am currently reading The Secret of Selling Anything by Harry Browne)) and do posture exercises which are phenomenally described by Mike Cernovich and in Presence by Amy Cuddy.


At about 10.30 PM I’d call it a day, go home, prepare everything for the next day and rinse and repeat.


Let me be frank with you – I thought I was slowly going mad.


My mind was stretched to its utmost limits already and besides that I was also working on a project which I’ll present you now here. It was a project of love and hate at the same for would I have not been doing Gorilla Mindset exercises it would never have seen the light of day.


But this is what separates the winners from the losers.


The determination to get pulverized into dust and forcing yourself, by sheer Goddamned will, back together in order to have another bout with Life.


Because this is what Living means: either you impose your will upon Life or Life will impose its will on you. There is no discussion to be had – you, me, each and every one of us is in the Ring.


Will you fight? Or get beaten into a bloody pulp? The choice is yours.


It’s dangerous to choose but once you get a taste of blood, the adrenaline rush of fighting for dear survival… getting beaten, avoiding a fatal attack in the last moment, win a round – it becomes an addiction.


Yes, the dangerous becomes like a game which is fun to play.


A Man Needs Danger and Play.

Danger and Play.


I’d like to thank all of you who are currently reading this.


As a token of my thanks I’d like to present you with a gift.


I’ve compiled all of Michael ‘Mike’ Cernovich’s work from 2016 into a PDF document for you to read within your leisure time.


It took me 3 months, from the beginning of December to the end of February to collect everything, proofread it to the best of my abilities and polish it to a mirror shine.



To date this has been my biggest project I’ve ever undertaken, but not my last. I assure you.


This is a work of a student. Yes, I consider myself a student of Mike’s ways. I do not always agree with everything what my teacher (who probably does not even know of my existence ha-ha) says but I consider this to be a good thing.


Friction causes new ideas to be spawned.


But even so I respect Mike deeply and will, to the end of my days, credit him for being one of the saviors during my darkest of days. Yes, I do believe that without him I would not be breathing today.


Gorilla Mindset does indeed have such power.


And such power is before you right now.


This document contains all of Mike’s posts from 2016, every single one of them which is not a simple RSVP for an event.


Over 400 articles.

Over 220.000 words.

Over 1.000.000 letters of Raw Masculine Wisdom.




With intact Hyperlinks to view images if you are connected to the internet.


Available at your fingertips.


One might inquire as to ‘Why would you do this?’ and it’s a good question, because believe me, when everything went wrong (and it did, numerous times) I asked myself constantly:


‘Why the Hell are you doing this?’


I felt being trapped in a corner with nowhere to go, my mind like it was licking cold metal for how fatigued it felt, my muscles cramping all over so that I needed to stand up every 15 minutes to do a Power Pose.


I was hungry but could not force myself to open the fridge and get a bite to eat, thirsty but not motivated enough to get a glass of water.


My relationships strained because I’ve yet to learn how to handle such pressures more efficiently.


‘Why, why, why, why, why am I doing this?’

‘Because I have to, that is why.’

‘Because I want to, that is why.’

‘I want to gather everything what Mike wrote in order to learn and apply what I’ve learned to him.’

‘And I wish to give others the same chance. I wish to give them a chance to make the most important choice they will ever make in their lives.’

‘The choice to make their lives better – starting today.’


Because what lays before you is not a simple file. It is a promise and a guarantee I am willing to make – here and now.


If you will read and apply what you’ve read you will have a better understanding of the World, better Health, sharper Looks, improved Finances, improved Relationships and what is most important…


A Mindset which you will use in order to reach goals before thought impossible.


Dear Reader!


Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule in order to read MAGA – Mindset, Lifestyle and Politics 2016!


I’m about to enter another round with Life in Hell.


It will take a while and I’ll come back battered and with bruises.


But underneath the swollen meat you’ll see my smile.


Bloodied but determined.


Because this is the Danger and Play way.


Dear Reader!


I wish you all the best in your future endeavors!


Until then!


Yours truly,




Danger and Play (MAGA – Mindset, Lifestyle and Politics) – 2016