How To Find Time To Write

My story has begun only to come to a screeching halt when it seems that I cannot find the time to write.


Time flies past without me even realizing. It feels like I only need to blink once and already has the morning shifted into the evening when I have to prepare for the following day and go to sleep.


Lately I have been reading a lot of articles from several Manosphere sites:



The Men (and I have capitalized the word on purpose) have given me the courage to wield the pen on my own and have started to write.


Only to find out I do not have the time to write.


Or so I say to myself. Or so I believe.


Bull – fucking – shit.


It is not that I do not have the time to write. Nonsense. It is that I do not organize my life in order to have the time to write.


When it comes to life it is not about if something is achievable… the true question is how badly do you DESIRE it to be achieved?


This is a universal principle applicable to sports, academics, business, relationships, chasing girls, travel… everything. Sure as in all things there are inborn predispositions that will separate the good from the best.


But the best have only become the best because they have had the predisposition and the desire to BE the best.


Talent can only get you so far.


When it comes down to the crunch, to the headson battle, Man on Man – the Man with the Talent and invested sweat and blood shall win over the Man with only the Talent.


History has proven this again and again. And will do so until the end of times.


I wish to write, that is what I say to myself but I do not find the time to write I lie to myself.


I will find it, hell, I have found it.


Now, right now.


As in all things one must have a goal and start doing steps. Baby steps, small steps. Steps so small they cannot be seen but only felt by the person who is doing them. A journey of epic proportions always begins like this.


Every day from now on I’ll write for 10 minutes and see where it will lead me. I will write about a theme that sprung into my mind during the day and I believe I have a word or two to say about it.

Remember, have a clear goal and simply start walking.


Doesn’t matter what people see – what matters is what you feel. The feelings of accomplishment, of the small victories which pile up into a mountain you claim your own.


Remember Laozi: ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.’

This Is My Story

This is my story.


First, I would like to say thank you.


Thank you Daryush Valizadeh from Return of Kings and Roosh V, Quintus Curtius from Fortress of the Mind, the whole community from the Roosh V forum, Mike Cernovich from Danger and Play, Victor Pride from Bold and Determined and Christopher ‘Chris’ Deoudes from Good Looking Loser and GLL Get a Life.


Were it not for these Men, with their words on their sites I would not be posting today my very own first blog post.


And most importantly THANK YOU, dear reader, for taking time out of your busy schedule to read my very first blog post.


Honestly, I am scared.


Scared of the unknown. The internet is, frankly, a big place. It is a jungle filled with beauty and death at the same time. I do not know if what I am doing is right or even worth it.


Will people see what I write? Will they like it? Will they comment on what I have to say? Do I even have to say something worthwhile?


I do not know. Honestly, I don’t.


The only thing I do know is the fact that if I wish to find out is that I have to try.


I will have to expose myself, bleed onto the pages and let you be the judge of it.


Like Mike Cernovich said in one of his podcasts: ‘Buy the ticket and take the ride.’


I have really come to like this phrase. It is short and on point. You do not know jack until you actually try something out. Reading about it is one thing, talking about it another, but only doing is the real thing.


Your words hold no weight if you do not walk the walk as you do talk the talk.


And here I am. At the beginning of a journey. My journey.


I do not know where it will lead me or where I will end. But I do know that it is going to be an adventure, full of laughter and tears, courage and cowardice, hatred and love, passivity and passion… full of paradoxes.


If I make the first step that is. And I will. I want to, I have to.




This is my story… and I invite you to become a part of it.