Done. Now What?

Two weeks have flown by in the blink of an eye since I’ve passed my last exam and with it marking the end of my medical education.


I am done. But now what?


As one reads the posts on the websites I’ve talked beforehand he/she comes to the stark realization that the work, truly, never is done. This can be either a blessing or a curse which depends on ones perception (which one can freely alter if he/she desires to do so).


I was always frustrated with this fact.


This is because I viewed life as a set of goals instead of processes. Goals mean having an end that you either reach or do not reach to a satisfactory degree that can present a frustration on its own but even if you DO reach that mythical objective one is the faced with the simple reality that the World is still happily spinning around its axis not giving two worth’s of chickenshit damns about you or your goals.


Is this maybe why even the superstar athletes face unique challenges of their own when they seemingly achieve every possible thing a mortal made of flesh and blood would want and desire?


Considering with what is happening with Tiger Woods right now this seems to be the case.


It’s a frightening realization really: how small we are and how fragile.


Which is why it is of the utmost importance that we give our life meaning and purpose, again and again, day after day, anew and anew.


Life is not meant to give US purpose. We are meant to give LIFE purpose? How? Now if that isn’t a question of the ages, right?


Honestly, I’d like to be your guru and sell you a correspondence course for the mere price of 199$ if you order today but I simply do not know. I only know how little I know and even after devoting myself to a certain craft I still find myself doubting sometimes if I’ve made the right decisions in my life.


Do you do too?


When I talk to people or patients in public it seems that everyone, except me, is steadfast and happy on the road he’s currently walking on. And yet… when the curtains close and a more intimate environment is formed I hear so many doubts, from people much more accomplished than I.


It reminds of me of the old saying that everyone has his own Cross to carry. The trick is not to be buried beneath its weight. But you’ll always be carrying that Cross.

The Work will never be done. Your suffering will never end, until you die. And then you’ll either ascend to Heaven (or fall into Hell), Reincarnate or simply cease to exist, depending on your beliefs.


Maybe this belief of ours – that we must attain some sort of never-ending plateau of happiness during our mortal lives causes so much anxiety. Because Life itself doesn’t function that way.


Life is like a Woman who loves to test you and create drama. Like it or not – that is reality. If you are currently experiencing no problems than believe me they’ll come – sooner rather than later which is why it is imperative to make a simple Mindset Shift (like those found in Gorilla Mindset) not to avoid problems and be afraid of them but to rather seek challenges out and welcome them as a way to grow – bodily, emotionally, spiritually.




With what? Your project? Sure.


But what about your next project?


Because you are never done.


The Road does not end. Even when your time is up.


The Road will stay there – until infinities end.


How far are you willing to travel?


Which wonders of our beautiful World are you hungry enough to see?


Me personally?


Why not stick around and find out?

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