New World Ronin (Full Color Book Review)

Title: New World Ronin

Author: Victor Pride a.k.a. Nick Kelly
Genre: Mindset
Number of pages: 99
Time needed to read: a couple of hours
Price: 10,97 dollars (Kindle)
Verdict: from Black and White to Full Color


Editor’s note: read the New World Ronin Glossary for a better understanding and to whet your appetite for this energetic book.


New World Ronin is a book written by Victor Pride who is the Shogun of the empire called Bold and Determined.


As he was writing New World Ronin Victor Pride experienced something profound, something divine, something only a few Man experience and fewer even dare to.




Some have said that his writings have gotten stale.

Some have said that his writings have lost their mojo.

Some have said that his writings have lost their edge.

Some have said that his writings have had their inner fire extinguished.


Hell, even he, himself, has said that.


Not anymore.


Victor Pride has died.


Nick Kelly has been born.


Long live Nick Kelly.


New World Ronin - Nick Kelly
Victor Pride is dead – introducing Nick Kelly.

He cast away his former shell of a Ghost from the Black and White World in order to rise again from the ashes, like a beautiful Phoenix in Full Color gliding through the boundless sky filled with limitless energy and ready to take on and down any Dragon or Tiger in his way.




Yes, energy.


This is what I’ve felt as I was reading New World Ronin.


Raw, passionate energy.


This is Victor Pride in all his glory and what he was always meant to be – Nick Kelly.


It’s that kind of book which you pick up and then cannot put down for it invigorates you, lights a fire under your ass and makes you start moving.


It makes you get into motion.

You are either going forward or backward. There is no in-between.


The book is divided into fourteen chapters and an epilogue consisting of a note from Victor Pride a.k.a. Nick Kelly:


  1. Islands, The Game, The Way
  2. Jungle Journey
  3. Mission is Greatness
  4. Full Color Work vs. B&W Work
  5. War Room Rules
  6. Rules of Creation of Genius
  7. Respect the Gods
  8. Magic of Obsession
  9. Master of Destiny
  10. Business is War
  11. Soldiers of the Mission
  12. Magic of Purpose
  13. Magic of Momentum
  14. Get Right With the Gods


This is a Full Color Work of Art which is meant to be read multiple times.


Why? Because the language, whilst simple to understand, is laden with (Full)Colorful expressions and esoteric analogies which you can already discern by looking at the names of the chapters.


Islands, Jungle, Journey, Full Color versus Black and White, War Room, Genius, Gods, Obsession, Destiny, Ronin are words which are not often used, especially not when it comes to writing non-fictional work.


But the New World Ronin is both fiction as much as it is non-fiction – it blends the Black and White World with the World of Full Color into a beautiful Rainbow which’s grandeur you’ll only be able to appreciate by looking at it multiple times at various stages in your life from a variety of different locales.


You’ll read it as a Ghost but not understand it.


You’ll read it as a Ronin and apply it.


You’ll read it as a Shogun and teach it.



Nick Kelly teaches the fundamentals that all of us are constantly seeing, but we’ve never actually perceived them. As he would say it bluntly: ‘They were hidden in plain sight.’ The most important things you’ll learn are the importance of breathing and being always in Motion on the Way to achieve your Mission as a Ronin.


Not many of us think about breathing for we believe it to be a natural thing to do and yet it is the most important thing we’ll ever do for deprived of oxygen you are dead within a couple of minutes.


You believe you know how to breathe, correct?


But do you actually know how to breathe correctly?


Are you truly getting the maximum amount of oxygen within your body?


I thought so too.


Until I read New World Ronin.


As I was reading I repeatedly smacked myself on the forehead and exclaimed: ‘But of course! How the f*** did I not see that before?!’


Easy, because I was living in the Black and White World and the Colors were escaping me right in front of my eyes.


Not anymore.


I’ve started to move, vowing not to stop until the Gods far above decide that my time’s up. Only a living person is in Motion, a dead one lies motionless within his tracks. This is the Power of Motion.


An interesting paradox, truly, for the more you move, the more energy you have and the more you rest the less energy you have.


Remember Newton’s First Law of Motion: an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion.


But do not aimlessly chase after Destiny for she is a fickle mistress who despises weak Men and will punish them accordingly.


Chase, no, Hunt after your Mission and she will start chasing you instead.


Only by being constantly in Motion, doing each day one Step towards the completion of your Mission will you subdue Destiny and make her work for you and not against you.


What will you choose?


Stay in Motion or be at Rest?


Be alive or be dead?


Black and White or Full Color?


A Ghost or a Shogun?


The choice is yours to make.


Open the door or let it be shut forever.


And if you have enough courage, which I know you do; Nick Kelly’s New World Ronin will help you on your Way from the Islands, through the Jungle to become a Shogun, a Master of Destiny and let her lead you to the place where Gods reside.


There’s always an empty seat at their table for those scarred Men who lived a life of Full Color, have marched through Hellfire, wrestled with Tigers, never given up and have thus proven themselves to be worthy.


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New World Ronin
New World Ronin

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