Gorilla Mindset (Book Review)

Title: Gorilla Mindset
Author: Mike Cernovich
Genre: Mindset
Number of pages: 214
Time needed to read: a couple of hours
Price: 12,19 dollars (Kindle version)
Verdict: Life-changing


I am VERY late to the party when it comes to publish a book review of Mike Cernovich’s seminal work Gorilla Mindset, but even so I’ve decided to do it, despite the fact I’m scared to do it.




Simple, very simple.


Who the Hell am I to review a book which has changed the lives of so many people, including my own, written by a one-man-Army who used his blog, the Social Media and Periscope to influence the elections into one man’s favor?


I feel like a freshman given the task to review Marcus’s Aurelius Meditations and how it pertained to the stoic school of philosophy.


Trying to play with the Big Boys way above my league.


But, I’m determined to do it.


Like I’ve said in my previous post in which I’ve explained why and how I will write book reviews: I’ve decided to step into the ring.


I’ve decided to fight and I’m prepared to get my skull caved in, because I’ve made a resolve to never be defeated ever again.


My story has begun and while I might not win all the time but I’m never ever losing again.


Thanks to Danger and Play.


Thanks to Gorilla Mindset.


Mike Cernovich is a lawyer, entrepreneur, blogger, Mindset Guru, Juicer, political pundit, filmmaker, professional Troll – he is a lot of things who has done a lot of things and has seen a lot of things.


This was not always the case.


He’ll tell you he got constantly into fights whilst he was in school, never lived up to his scholarly potential (something which the teachers always made a remark about), was shy and clipped out newspaper articles about his childish acts of vandalism with pride.


One day he got beat up by local bullies so bad that his sister had to drag them off of him and the only thing he knew to do was to go home, lie on an old mattress in the garage and cry himself to sleep.


Until his dad came around and asked him one question, one question which changed his life and put him on the road of the forth and coming Gorilla:


‘When are you going to get serious?’


That was HIS life changing moment and as it is said: everything else is history.


And what a history it’s been, what a wild ride!


He finished law school while working various odd jobs to support himself.


He entered the Army as a Reservist.


In college he slept on the floor to think better.


He was the victim of a false rape accusation.


He got married and divorced.


He was stricken with a debilitating autoimmune disease called ‘Red Skin Syndrome’.


He made a lot of money and lost a lot of money.


But he never gave up.


Sure, there were times when he cried.


But he never gave up.


Sure, there were times when he was fuming with rage.


But he never gave up.


Sure, there were times when he looked himself in the mirror and questioned everything he did.


But he never gave up.


Honestly – there will forever be times when he will be sad, angry and doubting himself, BUT, he will never give up!


From a fat blob falsely accused of rape to a one – man Mindset Journalist Filmmaking Army.


From this:




To this:




This ‘Is’ Gorilla Mindset – Never Give Up!


The book is a short read and it took me a couple of hours within a less busy day to plow through it.


I consider this a plus because looking back it made me realize that if I were to use a fitness analogy I’d say that almost all of it is lean muscle and no fat.


What I wish to say is – it’s not laden with useless ballast, chapters, word fluff in order to make the book longer than it had to be.


Ever had a self – improvement book in your hands with a hearty 500+ pages and no actionable advice within the 200+ starting pages? I have and they are a waste of time.


Gorilla Mindset stabs the problems most people face with their Mindset right through the heart immediately and offers actionable advice via the ‘Gorilla Mindset System’ with the help of ‘Gorilla Mindset Shifts’, ‘Gorilla Mindset Habits’ and ‘Gorilla Mindset Worksheets’.


This may be a mere ‘System’, mere ‘Mindset Shifts’, mere ‘Mindset Habits’ and mere ‘Mindset Worksheets’ but if you read the book, believe in its message and actually apply the very same system, shifts, habits and complete the worksheets then you will experience something beautiful – an awakening of the Gorilla inside of YOU!


Like I’ve quoted Tonny Robbins in my previous post I’ll do so again:


Knowledge Is Potential Power


Only reading the book is not enough.

You have to read it.

You have to chew on it, let it ruminate within your mind.


You have to do those worksheets!


They are called ‘work’ – ‘sheets’ for a reason, yes, you have to work!


This is not a touchy – feely type of book meant to make you ‘feel’ good.




This is a book meant to change your life.


If you are willing to become its partner, of course.


On its own the book is but paper without any kind of special power – but with your help, your motivation, your strengths it can and will transform your life.


I am the living proof of that and I’ll be singing this book high praises until I die.


The book is divided into 11 chapters:


Chapter 1 – Mindset is a Conversation: The Power of Self – Talk

Chapter 2 – Mindset is a Choice: Change The Way Your Perceive Life’s Challenges

Chapter 3 – Mindset is a Moment: How to Check In to Your Life

Chapter 4 – Mindset is a Mood: How to Control Your State

Chapter 5 – Mindset is Focus: How to Take Back Control of Your Attention

Chapter 6 – Mindset is Lifestyle: Change the Way You Live

Chapter 7 – Mindset is Body: Health and Fitness

Chapter 8 – Mindset is Posture: Change Your Body, Change Your Mood

Chapter 9 – The Money Mindset: Make More, Save More and Invest More Intelligently

Chapter 10 – Mindset is Vision: Change What You See, Change What You Get

Chapter 11 – Mindset is One Day


You will learn the importance of positive self talk.


You will learn how to perceive the life’s challenges as a source of strength rather than a drain of energy.


You will learn how to become mindful and check into your life.


You will learn how to control your state.


You will learn how to become focused and control rather than be controlled by your attention.


You will learn how to change the way you live via appropriate lifestyle decisions.


You will learn the importance of the connection the body and mind share and how to properly cultivate it.


You will learn the importance of good posture and how to master it via exercises.


You will learn how to correctly deal with money and experience the blessing of having more to spend but wanting less to spend it on.


You will learn and appreciate the awesome power of visualization.


You will learn how to experience the perfect day by finding out how it should look like in the first place.


This is what you will learn.


How do I know that?


Because these are the things I’ve learned.


Gorilla Mindset is a Must Have Book for anyone who wishes to master the most complicated skill possible, to win the most challenging competition, to win at the hardest game ever played – Life.


I know you want it.

I know you will be able to do it.

With the help of this book.

Buy Gorilla Mindset now on Amazon.