New Year, Old Me, Better Me

The holidays are behind us, New Years Eve toasts have been made, cities have been smashed in drunken rage and now it’s time to dive into the New Year!


I hope your holidays have been great in which you’ve enjoyed some quality and peaceful time with your family.


Family is important.


It’s where it all begins and where it will all end.


But I’ll share my thoughts on the importance of family in a later post.


In this one we’ll talk about a yearly phenomenon called ‘New Year, New Me’.


Every time when the Earth slowly approaches the end of its yearly cycle millions of people proclaim that within the new one they shall change – for the better, of course: they will lose weight, get their finances in order, nurture better relationships with their friends, lovers and family, complete that big project they’ve been putting on the sidelines, read more books…


Only they do not.

They do none of these things.

And even if they start they quickly give up.


And the Earth makes its cycle again and the people make their proclamations again.

And again.

And again.

And again.


What is Einstein’s definition of insanity?



But are these people truly insane?


And to be more candid – have I been insane when I was trying to do the same thing for many years before?




We are but simple mortals, with all of our faults and graces, with our goals and dreams which are laudable and human.


But some achieve them and others do not and herein lays the key. This is where the focal question must arise from.


What is the difference between the people who are able to complete their goals and make the change compared to others who do not?


People wish to change immediately and completely instead of steady and partially.


Quoting Cicero from his timeless tome On Duties, which was masterfully translated by Quintus Curtius of Fortress of the Mind:


‘Therefore, he who has constructed his life’s plan according to his own vice-free nature, as he ought to do, should hold firmly to this course, unless perhaps he realizes that he has erred in selecting the path he took.


If this happens (and it sometimes does), a change in one’s life course must be made. If external circumstances help this change we will do with more ease and convenience.


If external circumstances do not help along such a change, then we must do it in a step-by-step gradual manner, in the same way that (as wise men tell us) a friendship which no longer pleases us or serves any purpose should be dissolved slowly, rather than terminated suddenly’


You’ve stepped into the new stage of your life as your old self which has always had, has and will have the ability to become one brick better of a Man/Woman than he/she was yesterday.


Ask yourself, honestly and deeply the one thing you must improve on yourself and start taking immediate steps towards achieving that objective.


Is it your weight?

Do you have to prop up your finances?

Have you neglected your family? Your friends?


I am not here to judge nor condemn because I am in no position to do so for I myself have numerous weaknesses which must be mended.


And they will be.


I need to start saving in a low cost index fund or, if that is not available to me, invest into ETF’s via a brokerage whilst incurring minimal fees.

I need to better organize and use my time.

Due to the volume of work I’ve grossly neglected my friends and some of my family.

I need to be consistent with my juicing efforts with the help of Mike Cernovich’s Fit Juice.

I need to stop berating myself and apply more Gorilla Mindset Principles.

I laze around too much – I need to be constantly on the move.


I, you, we’ll take care of each and every one of them – in due time.


Each day we, together, will take another step forward towards a target which we’ve made our priority. And as we will fulfill our tasks, one by one, and the days will slowly pass us by like an old steamboat gliding through the calm river water we shall experience an evolution as it was meant by Nature.


We will change before our very eyes without realizing that we’ve changed.

New Year, Old Me, Better Me


New Year, Old You, Better You


New Year, Old Us, Better Us


Let’s get started!